Training & Activities

The modern multi-purpose hall is a mere 20 footsteps to the Gadmer Lodge. The facility is excellent for all kinds of events; sports camps, cultural events, theatre performances, concerts or presentations, conventions and workshops. 

Multi-purpose hall


The multi-purpose hall includes a sports hall with an equipment room and changing rooms, a large stage (which can be rent separately), a conference room, kitchen and seats for 250 persons.


  • Sports material (standard equipment)
  • Sports equipment (Standard equipment: parallel bars, vaulting box, small and large landing mats, volleyball-net and badminton-net)
  • Lockers
  • Tables and chairs for 250 persons
  • Stereo and sound installation
  • In winter: waxing table and waxing equipment for the preparation of cross-country skis or alpine skis
Gadmer Lodge

Rental conditions

Multi-purpose hall, cloakroom & toilets


CHF 630.00


CHF 315.00


CHF 45.00

Additional Infrastructure

You would like to hold a party in the multi-purpose hall next to the Gadmer Lodge? The following additional infrastructure is available for rent. We are happy to help you with any special requests you may have.

Additional material

Floor cover

CHF 100.00

Kitchen / day

CHF 100.00


CHF 100.00


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